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Name: Aeon
Ticker: AEON

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Desktop Wallets:
Aeon Wallet (Windows)
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Mobile Wallets:
Aeon Wallet (Android)
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About Aeon:

Aeon uses a Kangaroo Twelve Proof of Work. Aeon was the first known Cryptonight-Light pow coin implementation and will become the first SHA3 variant CryptoNote coin. Kangaroo Twelve (K12) is an ASIC friendly POW. This POW is one of the lightest and secure SHA3 variants (one step better than SHA256 used in Bitcoin). Being very efficient allows the bar to be lowered so that all ASIC developers can easily produce silicon chips decentralizing the nature of ASIC production.

Aeon uses a locked ring size of 3. This is the lowest known ring size for fungibility. Even at ring 3, transactions are not currently proven traceable and only transaction amounts are viewable. This also helps keep the blockchain size smaller and faster to sync without proprietary pruning or fast syncing methods.

Aeon does not use Ring-CT. This allows for a lighter, faster-syncing blockchain and reduces the risk of hidden inflation.

Additional Information:
-720 +15 block difficulty adjustment. Difficulty retargets every block.
-Last 100 block average block size adjustment.
-Block time 240 seconds (4 minutes) helping reduce the cost of operating a node.
-Max Supply 18.4 million.