Frequently Asked Questions:

Coin and Integration Information

    What Cryptocurrencies/Coins will I be able to accept with CryptocurrencyCheckout?

    We plan to start with the bigger coins such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

    Will there be other altcoins added?

    We will allow other alt coins to be voted into our system much like many Cryptocurrency Exchanges do, allowing the community to be in control of what coins get added to our platform.

How easy is it to integrate CryptocurrencyCheckout into my store?

    We believe that accepting Cryptocurrency doesn't need to be hard.

    We try to make accepting Cryptocurrency as easy as possible, with step by step guides, and copy and paste scripts for installation.

    Easy Step by step guides

    As we add more integrations to our platforms we will be releasing Step by Step guides on different ways to integrate CryptocurrencyCheckout into your stores.

    Copy and Paste Scripts

    Our platform auto-generates installation scripts/code that you can simply copy and paste into your store to complete integration.
    As simple as copy, paste, and start accepting Cryptocurrency!

Do my coins stay Decentralized? Is there any middlemen involved?

    Staying Decentralized is different from other platforms because it allows coins to remain completely decentralized, transferred directly between you and your customers. We do this by taking out any middleman in posession of your coins, all transactions and payments are made through our platform are made directly from your customers personal wallets to yours, CryptocurrencyCheckout will never handle any coins at any point in the transaction.

    Why should I avoid Centralized Platforms?

    Since there is no third party taking possession of your coins, there is no third party charging you additional fees, or deciding when/if you should be paid. This also removes the counter party risk commonly found in centralized crypto payment processors.

    How do we do this?

    Our platform does this by simply showing E-commerce store platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, and even custom scripting language like PHP and HTML5 how to easily communicate with already existing Cryptocurrency Wallets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. Simply put, the buyers will always pay the sellers directly, there will never be a centralized third party in control of your funds at any point of the transaction.

Our Pricing Model

    How much does using your platform cost?

    We believe in the in the original intention of Crypto, that being of community and not of greed, so as we release our beta we want to make our platform completely free to use for Stores, and their Customers.

    Completely Free to use?
    Stores and Customers will not have to pay a single transaction or monthly fee to use the CryptocurrencyCheckout platform, and it will be completely Free for everyone to use.

    What about blockchain network/transaction fees?

    The only fees your customers will ever have to pay is the Blockchain network transaction fee's that their desired coin charges to process a Cryptocurrency transaction. Such as the bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum network fees.
    (These are the fee's that the blockchain pays the miners to process transactions and keep the blockchain safe and running.)

    How can you operate without charging Stores or their Customers any fees?

    To start our beta we plan to make our project completely community and donation funded. In order to cover our time and operating costs we hope to fund the project through the Coin Listing process. (Much like a Cryptocurrency Exchange does.) Whereas if a Coin wants to be listed on our platform, the coin and/or their community can donate to the project to get their token listed, and once listed their entire community will be able to use the platform completely free of charge.

    Why have you chosen this pricing model?

    We feel keeping the platform free and easy to use will be beneficial to everyone because:

    1. It will encourage more E-Commerce Stores to use our platform by lowering or completely eliminating their payment processing fees, thus increasing their profits and their bottom line while also introducing them to more customers wanting to buy and pay with Crypto.
    2. It will benefit Buyers by allowing them to purchase products and services directly with their Cryptocurrencies, and by allowing stores to pass their above stated savings onto their customers, reducing the cost of goods purchased with Cryptocurrencies.
    3. It will benefit the individual Crypto Currencies themselves by offering more use cases and adoption for their coin, thus increasing the amount of people wanting to buy/hold their coins, therefore increasing the overall value of their token.

    Do you believe this pricing model can work for a payment gateway?

    Honestly we're not entirely sure as far as we can tell this pricing model has never been done for a payment gateway before, making this kind of uncharted waters, but we believe if we can build a strong enough community that helps spread the word about our project, we will all see the fruits of our labor.

    If the project is unable to maintain itself with the free pricing model during the beta, we will consider other pricing model possibilities.

Our Platform Security

    Multi-level cross site validation for transactions. uses multi-level cross site validation to verify and validate all incoming data passed from your website to our platform.

    This feature protects you and your buyers from Man-in-the-Middle attacks where a hacker or virus could intercept and alter the information passed before it reaches our site.

    This works by requiring stores to pass matching data to our platform to be validated, if the information does not match the information provided in your admin dashboard the customer will not be able to proceed with the checkout/payment process.

    Information we validate:

    • Store Identifiers.
    • Wallet Addresses.
    • Security Tokens.

    Unique Store Identifiers:
    • Each user will be able to create a unique store identifier when they create their connection on our platform.
    • This identifier is unique and cannot be duplicated exactly by any other user, your customers will use this unique identifier to identify you when they are making payment.
    • Since no two users can share the same identifier, it will be much harder for scammers to spoof or pretend to be you/your store to trick your customers with malicious links.
    • We will show your customer this identifier before every transaction so that they can visually verify that they are indeed paying the person/store that they intended to.

    Visual Validation Results on all information passed:

    We believe that the key to maintaining maximum trust in crypto, is to provide as much information to the buyer as possible to help them feel comfortable with their purchase.
    To accomplish this we allow the buyer to see all information passed from your webstore to our site before they decide to proceed with the payment. This will include things like Order Numbers, Pricing information, Store details, and validation on all wallet addresses.

    Database Filtering:

    All information passed to our platform goes through a filter that monitors and removes any malicious code before it can hit our databases.

    HTTPS Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):

    All data and links on our site must be passed through a encrypted connection to our server.

    Server Side Firewall:

    Active firewall monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic for potential threats or suspicious activity.

    Bot and Script Monitoring:

    Our site monitors for Bot and Script activity on our site, challenging or blocking any user producing suspicious activity.

    DDOS Protection:

    Active DDOS protection against multiple levels of attacks.

    SQL Injection Protection:

    To protect against harmful data being passed to our database.

    Cross Site Request Forgery Protection:

    Our site requires that all details passed on our servers contain a unique CSRF token to help protect against third parties intercepting or altering the data passed.

    HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS):

    is a web security policy mechanism that helps to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking

About Us

    We are developers with over 10 years of combined experience in developing for the E-commerce websites and platforms.
    With experience in running and operating our own E-commerce business that has served over 30k customers world wide.
    Also having over 4 years of experience working with and developing for several crypto based projects.

    I started this project because I was looking for an easy way to integrate cryptocurrencies into my online store.
    And through my research quickly found that most of the options available either charged very high processing fees, monthly fees, or required you to write custom code to connect to their platform with little to no help in doing so.
    Sometimes charging higher transaction fees then traditional credit card processors, which we thought was completely unacceptable as cryptocurrencies were built with the entire transaction network already integrated.

    Being a developer after seeing these issues I decided the best option was to just write my own code to accomplish this for my online store.
    And while developing that project I received many requests from people both in the E-commerce industry and the Crypto industry to develop something similar for their stores/projects.

    That was when it became clear to me, the demand was there, so why not adapt my code to allow everyone to use it.
    And that is where the Platform was born.