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CryptocurrencyCheckout is a Free to Use, Non-Custodial & Decentralized Payment Gateway providing plugins that make accepting multiple cryptocurrencies for your products and services as easy as entering your wallet addresses, and copying some code into your website or application.

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We Make Accepting Multiple Cryptocurrencies Fast & Easy

Our product is designed to break the barriers of accepting Cryptocurrencies Online

Crypto Payment Gateway

Our Payment Gateway gives your customers multiple ways to pay, such as 1-click payments for desktop wallets, Scannable QR codes for mobile devices, and manual input so you can even be paid directly from Exchanges.

Decentralized Wallets

Our service keeps all coins completely decentralized and peer to peer by allowing your customers to pay you directly to any personal wallets or addresses of your choosing, taking out any middlemen or additional fees commonly found in other payment gateways.

Pay No Fees

Our platform is free, We currently charge zero fees for stores and their customers to connect to and use our service, the only transaction fees you or your customer will ever see are standard blockchain processing fees.

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