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Status: Listed
Name: AXE
Ticker: AXE

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
AXE Core
AXE Electrum
Zelcore Wallet
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Paper Wallet

About AXE:

Axe is a decentralized hybrid PoW/PoSe system developed as a decentralized version of Dash, whose high degree of centralization is criticized by many including Charlie Lee. AXE uses virtually identical codes as Dash and is known for its speed, low transaction fee, and top-notch privacy; yet removing several centralized control mechanism of Dash, making it a more decentralized and community-centred eco-system and hence safer. The participation threshold of superblock of AXE is less than 0.1% that of Dash, making it truly community driven and putting usage of development fund truly in the hands of the community. AXE boasts a global community of more than 50k people, on all continents and time zones. Its biggest communities are in developing world where FIAT is unstable and payment method is under developed.