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Name: Cirquity
Ticker: CIRQ

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
CirqWallet (Windows)
CirqWallet (Linux)
CirqWallet (Mac)
Mobile Wallets:
CirqWallet Android
Hardware Wallets:
CirqWallet Paper

About Cirquity:

Cirquity is a cryptocurrency for the community and everyone is welcome to join us. We build this project mainly because there are many limits when sending money, making transactions in different currencies or different banks and countries. The cost is high, and you have no control over it. Focusing on transactions, like country to country remittance bypassing the traditional cost fees.

We believe everybody has the right to know what is cryptocurrency and having able to use it, specially the ordinary people. Our goal for Cirquity is to be used on any aspect of transactions globally. Making Cirquity and it’s software less geeky and more user friendly will allow everyone to use it.