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Name: FLO Blockchain
Ticker: FLO

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
FLO Wallet (Windows)
FLO Wallet (Linux)
FLO Wallet (Mac)
Mobile Wallets:
FLO Wallet (Android)
FLO Wallet (IOS)
Hardware Wallets:
Chaintek Trezor
Paper Wallet

About FLO Blockchain:

FLO is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency designed to save and index metadata on a decentralized, permissionless blockchain. Its unique feature—floData—can be used to append up to 1040 bytes to any transaction and store it permanently and immutably on the FLO Blockchain.

The floData can then be retrieved and read by many FLO-based applications. When combined with its supporting metadata library, the Open Index Protocol (“OIP”), FLO provides a new standard for publishing, indexing, and monetizing any digital content.

A robust development community is actively using FLO and floData to create and record immutable links to the real world today.