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Name: Quantum Resistant Ledger
Ticker: QRL

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
QRL Wallet (Windows)
QRL Wallet (Linux)
QRL Wallet (Mac)
Mobile Wallets:
QRL Wallet (Android)
QRL Wallet (IOS)
Hardware Wallets:
Nano Ledger

About Quantum Resistant Ledger:

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is a first of its kind, future-proof post quantum value store and decentralized communication layer which tackles the threat Quantum Computing will pose to cryptocurrencies.

This is backed by provably secure, peer-reviewed XMSS (instead of 256-bit ECDSA) with a proof-of-work(POW) algorithm, Cryptonight v7, which will later be hard forked to Proof of Stake. QRL node has been written in Python and has been audited by Red4Sec and x41 D-SEC.