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Name: Zel
Ticker: ZEL

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
Zelcore Desktop
Zelmate Swing
Mobile Wallets:
Zelcore Mobile
Trust Mobile
Hardware Wallets:
( Coming Soon )

About Zel:

Zel is a decentralized open ecological system that can connect the crypto economy with the physical space. Zel, with private and transparent addresses using the Equihash(125,4) Proof-of- work algorithm, is the basic currency in the ecosystem. Its consensus is a mix between Pow and Masternodes, called Zelnodes.
ZelNodes constitute a decentralized large-scale computational network platform. This ecological power engine, with the help of the Flux OS (Operating system) as an ecological wormhole, drives Dapps, smart contracts, asset layers, side chains, etc. It can connect the crypto economy and the real world on such as finance, business, industry, health, medical, education or other public services.
Zel is the onboarding and gas currency for powering transactions and buying resources on this computational network and is the incentivizing currency to node operators. Those utilizing Zel receive large discounts when purchasing server resources.