Posted on October 18, 2018 at 11:00 PM
Accept Altcoins on Bigcommerce

How to accept Cryptocurrency on Bigcommerce Stores.

In this article we are going to show you how to integrate the CryptocurrencyCheckout Platform into your Bigcommerce store so that you can start accepting Cryptocurrencies like: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum as payment for your sales.

There are several ways to integrate Cryptocurrency Checkout into Bigcommerce's platform. However there are a few requirements that we would like to meet on our integration in this article, as well as a few hurdles we must overcome.

Things we want to achieve in this integration:
  1. We would like to maintain all of our orders inside of Bigcommerce’s platform. This includes using Bigcommerce’s checkout process to securely generate an order, collect buyer info, calculate shipping costs, taxes, offer discounts, allow coupon codes, etc.
  2. We would also like to leave the ability for customers to be able to review their past orders, and maintain all order records on our Bigcommerce store itself.
  3. We want the order to stay in “Pending Payment” status until we can manually verify we have received the crypto payment, allowing us to make sure that all confirmations are received on the blockchain before changing the order status to “payment received”.
  4. We want to be able to use our standard Shipping and Bookkeeping integrations for Bigcommerce, without needing any additional plugins or software to add CryptocurrencyCheckout to our store.

Hurdles we must overcome to achieve this:
  1. One disadvantage of Bigcommerce’s code, is that their platform does not let us directly customize or add code/scripts to the checkout process itself.
    (This is for security reasons, as they want to keep payment processing, and passing of card details, etc. as safe as possible for the buyer and the store, so they don’t allow the store to make any alterations on these pages.)
  2. We want to be able to securely pass order information such as order ID, and Order Total (Price) to platform from an HTTPS/SSL secured page, and we don’t want any possibility of a different/unintended order’s details being passed.

Solutions to achieve integration while meeting all of the requirements above:
  1. We will be using Bigcommerce’s “Offline Payment Methods” to collect the order details in the store, this will allow the buyer to go through the standard checkout process as they normally would.
  2. We'll set it to create an account for customers who use guest checkout, so that buyers can login to their “My Account” page on your store to review their past orders made at your store.
  3. Some of the “Offline Payment Methods” options on Bigcommerce’s platform will allow orders to remain in a “pending payment” status until we can review the payment, and manually mark them as payment received.
  4. The solutions above will keep all record keeping inside shopify’s platform, allowing all details to be collected and passed to our standard Shipping/Bookkeeping software/addons. (If you have any.)
  5. Since we cannot modify the code for the Checkout Pages themselves on Bigcommerce, we will instead generate an order through the standard checkout process and then direct the customer to securely login to their “My Account” page on your store.
  6. All of the pages in your buyers “My Account” portal are HTTPS/SSL secured, from here your buyer can choose what order they want to pay for with Crypto Currency, and they will be able to securely pass the Order ID and Order Totals to the Platform so that they can begin to make their cryptocurrency payment.
Now that we've discussed how we plan to integrate, let's get started with the installation.

Bigcommerce Cryptocurrency Checkout Installation.

Step 1: Create a CryptocurrencyCheckout payment option in Bigcommerce.

Log into your Bigcommerce Admin Dashboard.

Click on "Store Setup" located on the left side.

Select “Payments” from the available options.

Locate the “Offline Payment Methods” option located near the top.

Slide the “Bank Deposit” method to enabled.

In the top tabs select the "Bank Deposit Settings" tab.

Fill out the details as desired for your store

Our Example:
Display Name


Available Countries

All Countries

Payment instructions:

Thank you for your purchase!
To begin your Cryptocurrency payment with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Dash.

#1: Open the link below in your browser.

#2: Locate and select the order # you wish to pay for.

#3: in the "Order Details" section click the "Cryptocurrency Checkout" button.

Your order and price details will be securely passed to our Crypto Payment Processor. (
Once there you will be able to review and make your Crypto Payment.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Click Activate.

Step 2: Enabling Customer Accounts on Bigcommerce.

Log into your Bigcommerce Admin Dashboard.

Click on "Advanced Settings" located on the left side.

Select “Checkout” from the available options.

Locate the “Enable Guest Checkout” section.

Enable the “Create an account for customers who use guest checkout” setting.

Press save.

Step 3: Create Cryptocurrency Checkout Connection.

Log into your Dashboard.

Click on the “New Connection” option.

Insert your store details.

Now insert the wallet addresses of all the Cryptocurrencies you would like to receive.

Select if you would like to charge a markup to accept crypto, or offer a store discount.

If there is any cryptocurrencies you do not want to accept on your store, just leave the section blank.

Click Submit.

Step 4: Generate CryptocurrencyCheckout Script.

Log into your Dashboard.

Click “API Keys” Generate an API key for your store.

Copy and paste the API Key into notepad, or another text editor for later.

In the dashboard, go to the installation scripts section, and select “Bigcommerce Stencil”

Paste the API key you saved earlier into the “Insert API Key” Section.

Click the “Generate Installation Scripts” button.

Your installation script will be automatically generated for your store.

Copy and paste it into notepad or another text editor.

Remove the periods located in the store variables surrounded by double curly braces. (( (( ((

(Our site uses similar code to Bigcommerce so we must add the periods to make them show in the generated script.)

Step 5: Installing the Script into your Bigcommerce Store

Log into your Bigcommerce Admin Dashboard.

Click on the Storefront tab on the left.

Choose the "My Themes" option from the left tab.

Click on "Advanced" for your current theme.

Select "Edit Theme Files" from the dropdown.

Locate and open: templates/pages/account/orders/details.html

Scroll to the middle of the code.

Locate in the code: ((#if order.order_instructions))

Paste the CryptocurrencyCheckout Script you generated between the ((#if order.order_instructions)) field, and the dt class="order-payments-description" div.

This will add the CryptoCheckout payment button to your store.

Press Save.

You have successfully integrated Cryptocurrency Checkout into Bigcommerce!

We suggest you generate a test order on your store. and go through the entire checkout process to make sure everything works as desired.

If you have any issues feel free to send us a message, or join us on discord.