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Status: Listed
Name: BitCash
Ticker: BITC

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
BitCash (Windows)
BitCash (Linux)
BitCash (Mac)
Mobile Wallets:
To be Announced
Other Wallets:
To be Announced

About BitCash:

BitCash aims to be the world’s most usable cryptocurrency by focusing on ease-of-use to help build mass adoption.

We have a plethora of features that make BitCash unique:

  • BitCash Stable which is an algorithmic mint and burn stable coin that is the first of its kind. BitCash is the cryptocurrency and BitCash Dollar is the Stable Coin.
  • PeerQ which is a Quora-like platform that rewards users in BitCash for answering questions and completing bounties. (
  • Create a nickname for your wallet.
  • Send BitCash via Social Media (Twitter, IG, and Twitch), SMS, email.
  • One-Click GPU Mining within the wallet.
BitCash also aims to bring familiarity to its users by combining traditional banking tools into the BitCash Wallet. The wallet allows users to create transaction references, maintain record-keeping, create recurring payments, maintain multiple names accounts within one wallet, printable e-statements, make BitCash payments to anyone (even if they don’t have a wallet), and pre-sending verification.

The coolest feature of the wallet is that it allows the user to print BitCash and BitCash Dollar Bills to use as a gift, to transact with, or for promotional purposes.
BitCash intends to keep building unique, but simple features that serve as entry points into the BitCash ecosystem!