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Accept Crypto Development Services on your Website
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Status: Listed
Name: Crypto Development Services
Ticker: CDS

Available Wallets

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Binance Chain Wallet
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Trust Wallet
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About Crypto Development Services:

What is Crypto Development Services (CDS)?
Crypto Development Services (CDS) is a token created by a small bunch of developers currently issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network, the Polygon (MATIC) Network & the Avalanche (AVAX).
Crypto Development is a coin to help monetize developers work by choosing to receive CDS as a payment option, plus it helps them with the funding they need to enhance their learning abilities.
CDS team consists of developers with different development skill sets which provides a solid core team to help and encourage new developers to grow and giving them the resources to be successful.

Token Type: BEP20
Token Contract: 0x23f07a1c03e7c6d0c88e0e05e79b6e3511073fd5