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Status: Listed
Name: DAPS
Ticker: DAPS

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DapsCoin (Windows)
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About DAPS:

DAPS, the worlds first coin to implement Bulletproofs, RingCT, Ring Signatures and PoA (Proof of Audit) in a hybrid staking chain.
With DAPS it is possible to stake, run masternodes, and mine PoA blocks. DAPS is a non-ICO open-source community-driven project and solves the ‘trust issue’ in privacy coins.
We are also private right from the very start, meaning there is nothing that can be used by any tracking algorithms, such as has happened with other privacy coins.

In 2019 DAPS completed two successful testnets, sponsored Consensus 2019 NYC and Futurist Conference in Canada, achieved top 200 coin status, passed security audit by Red4Sec, launched mainnet and achieved over 3000 hosted masternodes in the first month of launching. Privacy is a right not a privilege.