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Status: Listed
Name: Ergo
Ticker: ERG

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About Ergo:

Ergo is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency. Ergo is a blockchain company that is developing low cost financial contracts.

The most common use of blockchain technology is financial contracts. Unfortunately, innovation has stagnated and adoption stalled. Ergo is a science first project that’s goal is to push innovation to optimize proof of work, as well as use and adoption of the extended UTXO model.

We believe one of the main issues is that people have to rely on third-parties. Ergo is developing solutions for oracle data, sidechains, a stablecoin protocol, as well as multistage contract model that eliminates the need for gas fees.

By cutting out these middlemen, while maintaining the same level of security, we believe Ergo opens the door to more individuals to embrace blockchain technology. Ergo’s goal is to become a low-cost affordable Defi solution.