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Status: Listed
Name: Galilel
Ticker: GALI

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
Galilel Core (Windows)
Galilel Core (Linux)
Galilel Core (Mac)
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Galilel (Android)
Other Wallets:
Galilel Paper Wallet

About Galilel:

The first Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Burn and Proof-of-Transaction general purpose crypto currency with Hybrid Consensus Algorithm, Dynamic Zerocoin and Masternode voting for period based reward burning.

Galilel Coin (GALI and zGALI) is an open-source public and private Proof-of-Stake digital crypto currency for fast (using SwiftX), private (Zerocoin protocol) and secure micro transactions. Our main goal is to create a decentralized fully secure and anonymous network to run applications, which do not rely on any central body control. By having a distributed system, thousands of users will be responsible for maintaining the application and data so that there is no single point of failure.

While Zerocoin solves the traceable reward generation problem, Galilel will implement hybrid mobile Proof-of-Stake (ghPoS) for public and private coins. The Term Deposit (gTD) function allow to lock coins for a certain period and generate predictable rewards. Masternode owners get the possibility to vote for reward reduction or complete burning for a specific period to reduce coin generation. The Galilel Money Supply Control (gMSC), effectively Proof-of-Burn v2 burns only rewards, never term deposits and development budget. The period for coin burning will be 1 month with a range between 0% - 100%. Every month is applicable for voting. Galilel Instant On Masternode (gIOMN) implements a shared blockchain to run one-to-many wallet daemons in a client server model. It is comparable to "Instant On" model available in Electrum client.

Galilel v3.1.0 is the worlds first crypto currency which has proportional Zerocoin Proof-of-Stake (zPoS) rewards depending on the block reward.